I am recovering from my husbands infidelity. I have chosen to stay and fight for my marriage and thankfully, so has he. This doesn’t mean that the road to recovery is any easier or any quicker. I want to write about my experience to have a sense of healing. I also want to be able to share my experience in the hope that it will offer some help to someone in a similar situation.


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  • This is brave; thank you for sharing. Communicating and coming together after infidelity is a constant challenge. Often the first step is identifying communication patterns and pitfalls so they can be understood and replaced with new, more effective communication and conflict resolution skills. This is a very difficult thing to do within any relationship, and the added hurt and mistrust after infidelity makes it nearly impossible. Seeking outside support and input to address these issues can be invaluable, as it also helps diminish the “blame” game and teaches both partners how to better understand each other. I am thinking of you and offer support in any way I can. Best wishes for you.

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