Published January 19, 2015 by recover3

The hardest thing of being separated is the feeling of loneliness. Its been over two months now so I am mostly used to it. But some nights, like tonight, I really want some company. A chat or something would be nice.
I don’t want to admit these feelings to my husband. It makes me feel like a sad creature. I’m jealous of all the new friends and the life he has now. When all I have is work and listening to the stories of what my colleagues got up to over the weekend.

I wouldn’t give up having my daughter with me for a second. She is my world. I guess sometimes its just a little hard realising my limitations. The best advice I was given is instead of focusing on all the things you’re missing out on replace it with ‘I get to…’

I get to enjoy an excited greeting when I come home from work
I get to have all the kisses and loves I can handle
I get to hear all the new words
I get to see all the accomplishments as they happen
I get to watch her sleeping
I get to teach her new things
I get to be her rock, her constant.


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