Our thoughts

Published October 22, 2012 by recover3

You hear it so many times – your thoughts make you who you are. Control your thoughts, don’t let them control you. And many more than that. But its really easy to read these quotes, putting them into practice is a whole other story! But its something worth working on. I’ve realised that I really have been letting my thoughts dictate a lot in my life in the past few weeks.

Today’s devotion from the Proverbs 31 women was about our thoughts. Her closing words were ‘your thoughts really do have wheels. Where are yours taking you?’ Wow, that really hit me. Where have my thoughts been taking me? Off the beaten track. On badly made roads with potholes and traffic and all things that should be avoided.

Earlier today I had a bad moment. My thoughts started to take over. But then I gave myself a mental jolt. I focused on the weekend that had just passed. It was a really good weekend. Finally one that I didn’t have to dread. On Friday night we had a quick but enjoyable meal together and then interviewed our new nanny/maid. Then we watched a movie together. OK truthfully I went to sleep and he watched but it was still together! Saturday I had a school commitment but then we spent the afternoon together. We spoke and laughed and again in the evening we hung out together. Sunday was a quiet day in aside from lunch at a restaurant. I know that isn’t what my husband wanted but I appreciated the time together. I appreciated the time I got to rest. I really appreciated that there were no fights, no ugliness or nastiness. No bitterness or anger. Reflecting on these things really upgraded my thoughts. And it led to something more, I was looking forward to my husband coming home from work today. When he walked in the door I had a genuine sense of absolute pleasure to see him. Its been a long time since I’ve had that feeling and I felt like it was radiating from me. We sat at the table for dinner and the conversation just flowed. There were no awkward pauses as I desperately tried to think of something to say. No moments where, in my desperation to make him happy, I interrupted him. It was just calm and filled with companionship.

It was all so real and I pray for more of it.


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