The positive surrounding the negatives

Published August 28, 2012 by recover3

How much time do we spend focusing on the negatives in our lives? Negativity comes in a range of ways and its all too easy to stay focused on. You can be having the best day ever and one little thing goes wrong and you look back on the whole day as a disaster. You are teaching a class full of amazing students but just one student has a bad attitude and you are put off the whole class.

Assumptions cause a lot of negativity too. Your spouse, friend, sibling, etc does something and all you can do it is assume the worst. You don’t stop to think of the why behind their actions or to even give them the benefit of the doubt. You get angry first and the rest must come later.

I read a blog entry from one of the Proverbs 31 ministry ladies. She wrote about what a difference ‘but’ can make in our lives. Now I’ve been brought up thinking but is a bad word. A lame attempt at making excuses. The way she described it brought it into a whole new light. I am trying to implement the ‘but’ system into my life. Its not easy because I am prone to focus on the negatives.

My husband had an affair BUT it brought to light things that he needed to deal with or else our marriage would have failed for stupid reasons.

My husband isn’t having sex with me right now BUT he still comes home to me every night and takes the time to remind me how much he loves me.

My job is not currently letting me teach the subject I want BUT I have a job, I’m still getting to teach the students I want and they are going to renew my contract

I didn’t get my blood test results today BUT I heard my baby’s heartbeat and everything else is healthy.

I have so much good going on in my life. I really have to stop the negatives ruining them.


3 comments on “The positive surrounding the negatives

  • I’m glad i found your blog on here. I have tried to remind myself for years of a few things I am thankful for each day. In the darkness of depression it slips my mind a lot. I might have to go back to putting it on paper. No matter how bad my day has been, at the end of it I have my two wonderful children. They love me openly and abunduntly. I soak it up from them when the rest of the day has drained me. When you get this baby in your arms, it will change your life and how everything else feels compared to your love for your children and how fully he/she will love you.
    Best wishes in this.

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