The good and the bad

Published August 5, 2012 by recover3

When I look back on my blog, which I seldom do, I realise that I pretty much only write about the bad stuff. When something has gone wrong or I’m feeling down, I blog. It helps – sometimes I just need to get it out there. This is my place to express myself without worrying about what the people around me are going to think or say. I enjoy that freedom and I’m going to continue enjoying it. But, that is not the only reason why I started this blog. The other reason I started this blog was to help others who have recently found themselves in a similar position to me. To be able to give them hope, courage, and knowledge that one day, they will be ok. So with that in mind, today I write about good things.

Previously I wrote that I had won a course. I won a place on the Harboring Hope course from I highly recommend this website to all who have encountered¬†infidelity. Even if you just take advantage of the free stuff they offer, its immensely helpful. My course is going well. We are five weeks into it and its a wonderful resource. Its especially helped me to see how much I’ve grown and moved on (in a positive way) in the past year.

Today we are going shopping for some things for the nursery. I’m quite excited for this – I love shopping for my baby. And I especially love it when my husband makes the effort to go with me. Even though he’s worked a long hours all week, he’s still making time to do what I want to do.

Next week I’m going on a trip on my own. I’ll be taking a 16 hour train ride and then spending a week with my friend while her husband is away. My friend lives in a city that I used to live in and I can’t wait to visit my old friends and familiar places. This friend knows all about what happened and has been supportive the whole way. Its going to be wonderful to spend time with her and her one year old (who was born on my birthday!).

Today is all about the positives.


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