Published June 29, 2012 by recover3

I just typed a whole blog post and it wouldn’t publish. Now I’ve lost it.

Bottom line is – I’m unhappy. I want my husband to want to come home to me. To be with me and spend time with me. I don’t want him to be texting me before he’s even finished work to ask what ‘the guys’ are up to. I want to be more important than alcohol and right now I am most definitely not.

I am also unhappy because I want to be included. Even my husband leaves me out. He goes out with n0 invitation to me or thought to change his plans to ones that I could actually be included in. My friends from work (aka ‘the guys’) also leave me out. I used to hang out with them. Now I’m an afterthought.

I miss having friends. I really do.


One comment on “Unhappy

  • I feel the pain of lacking friends when you need them. I have a few friends, with small children and can’t get out to do much or the other lives 3 hrs away. I had some social friends before the discovery of the affair and other child. Now I have no social invitations at all. No couples invitations since H works in another state.
    I miss being able to do something with friends too.

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