I won something!

Published June 16, 2012 by recover3

I actually won something! I feel like I never win things – especially when I really, really want them. But this time I did. 

I belong to an affair recovery site. I know there are so many out there but this one just appealed to me for a variety of reasons. The biggest one being the weekly email the founder sends out. He himself had an affair and knows what it took for him and his wife to recover. He’s also a Christian so he talks from a perspective I enjoy – but he never shoves anything down your throat. His weekly advice has really been a great help to me. Especially now. Being pregnant has really made all those old feelings resurface and I’m struggling to deal with it all. I am so angry at my husband so much of the time and he has absolutely no idea why. And I don’t want to explain it all to him. Anyway, I digress. This website also runs a variety of online courses and I’ve been really interested in them. But as they are all in American dollars they’re a little out of my cost range. So I’ve been making do with the weekly advice. Recently the website decided to try and offer more to its users – more articles and resources. And one of the other things they offered was the opportunity to win a place on one of the online courses. To enter you had to submit an article using 500 words or less as to why you wanted to do the course. They then randomly chose a winner. 

And that person was ME! I’m quite excited and hoping that it all works out. The feedback from this course has been great and it is supposed to equip you with tools to dealing with infidelity and moving on – regardless of whether you are trying to make your marriage work or dealing with divorce. 

I will share more when I know more. 


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