Surprise – I’m pregnant!

Published April 21, 2012 by recover3

I haven’t written in a while again. This time it hasn’t been intentional. A lot has just been going on – in a good way!

A while ago I blogged about being late and my preoccupation with it. The other night we went out to dinner. My husband asked me about it and when I replied still nothing he said we should go and get a test. Now because of his history we were both pretty sure having kids naturally just wasn’t going to happen for us (even though we were giving it a go anyway). So I agreed to get a test – I thought I was humouring him and he thought he was helping me cross off the options for the lateness. I came home and did the test. A faint line started to appear and I actually thought I’d done it wrong (I mean, who pee’s on a stick wrong?!) so I went to show him and he said I was imagining it. I switched on the main light and made him look again and he agreed something was there. I was a little overwhelmed. And I made him go with me to get another test. We got a different make just to be sure. Lo and behold two very dark lines appeared almost immediately! We went to the hospital the next day to get it confirmed. 

Lots of excitement going on. I was initially a little worried – I was scared how my parents would react, that maybe they thought it was too soon. But they were pretty much thrilled. It was great. Now I just want to get far enough along to see the baby on a scan (we tried but got told its too early to see anything), and to tell everyone. 

Patience is definitely not my thing. 


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