Being thankful

Published April 10, 2012 by recover3

I don’t think I’m thankful enough. I’m not sure that I stop and take in what I have. Its not that I don’t do it, I just don’t do it often enough. 

Reading some others’ blogs and talking about how much they wanted to save their marriage but it just hasn’t happened for them makes me really sad. I remember the pain I went through while I was still separated from my husband, how hard it is to let go of that glimmer of hope (even if its not really a glimmer). I am truly grateful and thankful that God led me through that minefield and brought my husband back to me. That He has restored my marriage to me. 

It hasn’t been easy and I do sometimes question my decision. But that’s mostly when I’m mad. I love knowing I can go home to him, that I can sleep next to him, that I can talk to him. 

I would have recovered and moved on. I know that I am strong enough and that I was on the road to recovery. But I want to take the moment to say THANK YOU that I didn’t have to. 



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