Published March 14, 2012 by recover3

Money makes the world go round. I hate that saying – mostly because its true. I like to think that I’m not a materialistic person. Yes I have some stuff and yes there is other stuff I would like. But I’m not going to die without it. If my house was burning down I’d be grabbing my photo’s. Not the stuff. 

We keep fighting about money. We borrowed money from my parents to come to China. We thought we’d have paid it back by now. But we haven’t. And its taking its toll on us, on our relationship. Its like all the time, one of us is stressed out about it. I took my current job and we moved to this city to benefit both of us. I was finally doing a job I thoroughly enjoy and he’s taking time out to study. I was a bit concerned about this arrangement but he assured me its what he wanted. So I believed him.  

Now he is saying that he has had his break and now he wants to earn MONEY. (yes it needs to be in capitals). He wants our debt to be gone and us to save money. Even if its going to put our relationship at risk. He’s looking at a job that will basically mean we will have no free time together, AT ALL, for the next year. I’m against it and all he can look at is the salary. He tells me he feels emasculated and wants to contribute. I get that and I support him finding a job. But every compromise or solution I come up with, he vetoes. He told me how is supposed to get excited about sex when all this other stuff is on his mind. This makes me sad. All I want to do is support him and make things easier. He finally seems to have agreed to not take the job. But the atmosphere is tense. Its like the happiness has been sucked out the room. 



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