Published March 7, 2012 by recover3

My husband thinks he spends his life doing everything for me. I think otherwise. I think he only does things for me when and if they suit him. He also doesn’t realise that because of the extreme hurt he has caused in the past that when he does one bad thing it eliminates ten good things he has done.

A colleague has invited us for dinner. My husband insulted this colleague a while and ago and as a result, this colleague doesn’t want to attend functions that my husband is at. My husband apologised for his behaviour and my colleague wants to move forward. Hence the dinner invitation. My husband refuses to go. I understand he doesn’t want to hang out with all my colleagues and attend our social functions. But is it really SO much to ask him to go for ONE dinner with ONE colleague ONE time?!

I want to talk to him about it. But it always ends in a fight. He feels that he needs to defend everything he does. So instead of actually listening and taking in what I’m saying, he’s busy preparing his defense instead.

I am not a bad person. Yes, I can get overly emotional and I do react quickly. But that is not limited to anger or hurt. Its equal with excitement and happiness and love. I compromise all the time. Most of the time I’m happy to do it. But just every now and then, I’d like to do my thing – without complaints. Is that so much to ask?


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