My birthday

Published February 24, 2012 by recover3

Thursday evening he came round to my place to fetch me and then he took me out to dinner. We didn’t discuss any further details out of respect for my upcoming day. We had a lovely meal and chatted nicely. At the end of the evening he walked me home, kissed me good-bye and promised to see me the next morning. He phoned me just after midnight to wish me.

True to his word he showed up in the morning. He gave me lovely presents. One of the them was an album of his music – I had been asking him to do one for me for ages. He’d also made a few other small, sweet things. Things I could see he’d put love into. He then helped me make cupcakes. When we were finished we went to the local swimming pool and enjoyed a pleasant swim. He asked me to marry him again while we were in the pool. Later we returned to my place for a bit where he received a strange phone call. It had me very suspicious but he begged me to just go with it and to meet him at 5pm. I was having second thoughts but I agreed. When I arrived at the appointed meeting spot – there he was sitting with a guitar. He’d bought me a guitar for my birthday! This explained the secret phone call of earlier and my spirits lifted. He made my day amazing. When I got to work friends gave me presents and cake. Some of us went for dinner after work. And the crowning glory – my good friend gave birth to her son at around 10:30pm that evening. I finally had my birthday baby!

Things were finally starting to look up for me.


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